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    Geoff Munn


    We have a project that consists of many component definitions. Each component definition is described by many sequence diagram. The sequence diagrams use a variety of element types.
    We want to produce a template that is repeatable against each component definition. I started doing this by adding an Section to my document that includes the package with all sequence diagram (which are in sub-packages) and a section section with an cross-reference element report, so we can, for example, list all the elements of type ‘component’ that are being referenced in the Seq Diagrams.

    The documentation states that the cross-reference option will “list all the elements of a particular type which are mentioned elsewhere in your document.” …. which is what I want. However, EADocX then requires you filter by element type. None of the element types being used in the sequence diagrams are listed in the filter drop-down, in fact, the filter items offered (Attribute, Constraint, Parameter … etc) are not element types at all but element attributes.

    Hope this makes sense. Look forward to any help anyone can offer.



    Geoff Munn

    Just realised that the problem lies with our MySQL database. The issue does not occur when exporting to, and running eaDocX, from an .EAP file.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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