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    Robert de Wolff

    After finding my laptop became very slow I reinstalled my laptop:

    Office Professional 2016
    EA 12.1.1224

    After starting EA I don’t have the eaDocx plugin activated. When I look at Extensions –> Manage Add-Ins I see that the eaDocXAddin has a status “Error – Missing (0x80040154).

    reinstalling eaDocx doesn’t work.

    (Before I reinstalled my laptop I had also office 2016 with the same versions of EA and eaDocx)

    What to do?

    eadocX Support

    This is a fairly common error which you get when installing EA add-ins – something has gone wrong with the install, but this is the first clue EA gives you.
    It’s so common that someone has written a debug aid, to help us understand what has happened, and which is available from the Sparx Community website:
    I’m not an expert in that particular tool (but I know a man who is, ‘cos he wrote it..) but I suggest downloading and running it, and see what it says.

    Robert de Wolff

    Unfortunattely the inspector doesn’t help me in finding the problem. According to the inspector the status is ok

    eadocX Support

    Please can you paste a picture of what the Inspector looks like, and I’ll get someone to look at it.

    Guillaume Finance


    One of my clients is having the same issue. We tried uninstalling/reinstalling eaDocX without any luck.
    He’s using version although we’re planning at some point to move to v4.

    EAInspector doesn’t find any error.

    How did you manage to resolve your issue?

    Philipp Woditsch


    we have the same problem with one of our clients.
    The inspector reports everything OK but the AddIn still doesn’t work.

    Is there now a solution for this?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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