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    Wayne Li

    Anyone knows how to extract all EA Issues (Under Project->Documentation->Issues) into Excel? I tried but it did not work.


    Adrian Support


    Just to confirm the steps to output project issues (not issue elements) using eaDocx (eaXL) is to:

    1. Open an excel workbook in eaXL
    2. On the Elements Tab – select the “Show project element” button near the bottom of the panel and then select “Project Issue”. You can only select one type of element for project items.
    3. On the Columns Tab – select the desired columns for output
    4. Press the export to XL button (near Top Left of the eaDocX window)

    You should then see a list of all the project issues.
    Note EA also has Issue elements which are treated as normal elements. They cannot be output together.

    If this doesn’t help please provide more information on your problems.


    eaDocX support

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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