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    Julie Keyes

    I have a created a document that prints the steps or activies in a process flow.

    For each activity I print the related requirements i.e. the requirements linked to the step by a realisation link.

    This all works fine.

    I now only what to print the requirements with a specifc status. How do I do this?

    eadocX Support

    There are a few ways to filter:
    – create a separate Element Report, and use the filtering there
    – create a report based on an EA Search, and make the Search implement the filter
    – give those elements with the each status a different stereotype, then make eaDocX not print those with the stereotypes you don’t need.

    Julie Keyes

    Yes, I had identified the filter option on the Element Report but I ca’t see how I access this from within the profile for my report.

    Currently, in my report profile I have the:

    Activity element defined with the following:
    Name title
    Description Attribute
    Relationship Element – which is defined as the Realisation Relationship to the Requirement Element

    Requirement element defined as a table with numerous attributes.

    How do I access the Element report function from the Requirement element entry in my profile so that I can filter the requirements to be listed?

    I want to filter on Status, not stereotype. I am already using stereotype to identify the type of requirement.

    eadocX Support

    Ah – I think I see what you’re trying to do – create a normal eaDocX profile which filters-out elements with a particular status value.
    eaDocX can’t currently do that…
    …except by using EA scripting.
    You could write a simple script (there are lots of examples on the website) which prints Activities but examines the status value first.
    Another way would be to just print a hyperlinks for the activities, then, in a separate Element Report (e.g. in an Appendix) print only the Activities with the relevant status. So the interesting activities would have ‘live’ hyperlinks where the reader can find all their details, and the un-interesting ones just a name.

    Julie Keyes

    Thnx for the quick replies…

    Yes, I am trying to filter the requirements that are listed by status. But the requirements are listed within each activity step listed in a process flow i.e. the requirements are linked to an activity step via a realisation relationship.

    The standard EA filter by element status does not work as this filter only seems to apply to the main elements in the document i.e. the activity flow steps. It does not apply the filter to elements linked via a connector i.e. a realisation relationship.

    Are you suggesting that I use the EA RTF doc generator and use a template fragment?
    Can you please point me to more info on how to do this? I have read the documentation and it is not simple…
    Can you point me to the Script example that you are referring to?

    eadocX Support

    Just to be clear, eaDocX doesn’t share any function or approaches with the native EA RTF generator. They are totally separate.
    I think eaDocX can get you most of the way to what you need, if I understand you correctly.
    As I understand it, you’re printing Activity details, and, if they are linked to a Requirement with the appropriate status, some details of the requirement as well.
    Out of the box, I don’t think either RTF of eaDocX will do this.
    One way to get close to what you need is to:

    – in the eaDocX Profile for ‘Activities’, add a Relationship Attribute, using your Realization relationship, and get it to print the ‘Name – hyperlink’ of the Requirement

    – then create a separate section – maybe in an appendix – containing an Element Report, which is a ‘Cross Reference’ report, and make it print ‘Requirements’, but give a filter (in the ‘Advanced’ page of the Element report) with your “Status = something’

    What eaDocX then does is to (1) try to print hyperlinks to ALL kinds of Requirement, but only those in the report get resolved.
    If you drop an email to, I can send you what I tried, so you can see if it’s enough.

    BTW – I didn’t realize that eaDocX could combine a ‘Cross Reference’ Element Report with a filter. Nice to learn something new!

    Julie Keyes

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    But this is not really going to work for me.

    My business process has multiple activity steps that are listed in order.
    Each activity step can have multiple requirements linked to it.
    I need to list the requirements within the activity step to give them context.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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