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    graham labdon

    Just downloaded the beta version and started to play.
    I created a new document, added a section.
    Then in EA project browser selected a package and added it to the section.
    Then I generated the report.

    I do not see the diagrams contained in the package
    I cannot add any more sections – I keep getting a dialog that says that the section cannot be inserted – move the cursor. But no matter where I put the cursor I get the same message

    What am I doing wrong?


    eadocX Support


    Did you do this using the ‘Quick document’ function, or by hand ? Quick document should give you some kind of output, as it uses defaults everywhere.

    If your diagrams don’t appear, this could be for several reasons:
    – in the Profile for you document (in the Profile tab in eadocX), you may not have told Packages to print their diagrams (I thought it was a default, but I could be wrong). In which case:
    – Go to the Profie tab
    – right click ‘Package’ and select properties
    – if ‘Diagrams’ isn’t in the list of attributes (under ‘results’) then
    – under ‘standard attributes, select ‘Diagrams’, and ‘Add Atribute’. this will tell the generator to always add any diagrams which are immediately under a Package

    ..or, the diagram might be tagged as ‘exclude from RTF documents’, but see below for working out why it isn’t there.

    – the error when trying to put in new sections is making sure you don’t accidentally get sections inside sections (this would confuse the generator). Create new sections by putting the cursor outside of the pair of eaDocX Word bookmarks (square brackets, often with pink (hidden) text).

    – You can diagnose some of this by, in the Preview tab, look at the structure of your document: the section you created, and the package/element you put in it
    – the diagram you want should be in the tree somewhere, and if it’s greyed-out, a tooltip should tell you whtit isn’t being printed. (same is true for anything which isn’t printing)
    – if all else fails (and subject to confidentiality) send me the .eap and .docx and I will have a look. I’ll send my email separately.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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