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    Doug Blake

    EA has a glossary and these are display underlined in EA text. However, some of the glossary terms are showing up in my documents.

    e.g. I have a glossary term LOS and I also have the glossary added as a section to my document. The heading for this section is Project Glossary but this is shown in the table of contents as PROJECT GLOSSARY. Not every instance of the glossary item is shown underlined in the document. Again for instance, I have a glossary item s whish is shown underlined on my header page in DIAGNOSTIC but NOT in DIVISION.

    Any ideas?

    eadocX Support

    I’m still struggling to get the Glossary to 100%.
    I’ve had several attempts to get the ‘part words’ problem fixed. It’s proving really hard to get eaDocX to differentiate between abbreviations:
    For example:
    if your EA Glossary entry is LOS, then eaDocX currently just looks for that character string.
    So, if LOS occurs inside other words/strings, you’ll tend to get this happening.
    I’m still planning to look at this again in the next release – maybe then I’ll find a reliable solution which meets everyone’s requirements.

    Doug Blake

    I personally would be happy for the glossary items never to be underlined in my output documents since none of them are underlined in the Glossary Table that can be generated. Within the text of the document, the items seem to be randomly underlined so I would prefer consistency. Maybe an option to turn off formatting?

    Volker Honds


    what’s the current state about the glossary function?
    I see that e.g. generating a document the term LOS will not be underlined in term GLOSSARY, but as a single term LOS (with spaces before and after), that’s – in my opinion – a good behavior.

    But is my observation correct that only the first occurrence is underlined?
    And is there on option that I can use a hyperlink from the underlined word (in the generated document) to jump directly into the glossary definition? (If not, this would be a cool feature 😉
    Thx and greetz.

    eadocX Support

    There have been no changes to the Glossary function for quite a while. You are correct that only the first occurrence is underlined. We found that documents where EACH occurrence was underlined looked terrible, and those with hyperlinks looked even worse. So, we never completed this feature, and currently have no plans to put it back.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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