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    Ronald Sonntag

    EA Tables have column attributes that include things like column Name, Type, Length Scale, PK, Not NULL, Alias, Initial Value.

    I can find all of the attributes listed EXCEPT for Not NULL in the eaDocX Columns tab. None of the listed items corresponds to the EA attribute Not NULL.

    Where is it and how do I export it to Excel? I need to do this for the 1,000+ Table columns in my EA model.

    My export selections Elements: Class, Package, and, Columns: Name, Data Type, Length, Precision, Scale.

    I cannot find any other Columns export option that would correspond to the Not NULL attribute in EA.

    eadocX Support

    The data item you need is called ‘Allow Duplicates’ by eaDocX, just because that’s what it’s called in the EA database. The EA user interfaces changes that to say ‘not null’. We probably need to change the eaDocX documentation to reflect this. Sorry

    Ronald Sonntag

    Hi Ian,

    Many thanks! I also eventually found it. But, the problem I am running into is that the content I have is spread across many folders. If I choose the top folder, <>Deliverables (see below), then the option to select ALL Attributes goes away. Other than selecting each folder one at a time and creating a separate spreadsheet for each one that I then manually combine, is there a way to get ALL the attributes that are contained in each subfolder in one shot?

    Folder Structure:

    >Accounts Payable – Sales Tax
    >Accounts Payable – Vendor
    >Accounts Receivable – Customer Details

    >System Administration – Units and Unit Conversions

    Sub-folder structure (same in all except Shared Entities folder that does not contain a diagram):

    <>Accounts Payable – Sales Tax
    (Diagram) Physical – Accounts Payable

    > Delivery charges groups
    > Sales tax authorities
    > Sales tax code values

    <>Accounts Payable – Vendor

    And, of course, the tables have all the columns that contain the Not NULL attribute I need to export.

    Thank You,


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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