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    Joab Stieglitz

    I have a use case document containing approximately 100 use cases, most of which have multiple alternate scenarios. The table that is generated by eaDocx lists the steps, but not their loop back conditions, etc. I auto-generated activity diagrams for all of them that make the relationships to the various scenarios clear, but these do not print and I don’t see how to add them. And I just want the diagrams, not all the elements in them. See attachment.

    Please advise.

    eadocX Support

    I see you have used the EA standard way of organising the Activies which are auto-generated from the Structured Scenario.
    If you want eaDocX to document this ‘as-is’, then :
    1 – make UseCases print their Children (your top-level ‘…Activity_Graph’ activities
    2- Create a profile entry for Activity, which you must print INLINE, as you want to print the Diagrams for each one, as well as their Children.

    This produces a fiarly bad-looking document, as all the Activities – top-level and leaf-level are of the same type & stereotype, so both print in the same way.

    BUT, if, like us, you just want the diagram, then move the diagram to be a child of the Use Case (which I think it really should be… ), and don’t print Activities at all. That way, you have the Structured Scenario (usually with a table of Scenario Steps), then a nice diagram. No point printing the generated Activities, as they just repeat what is in the Scenario Steps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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