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    We have problem with hyperlink creation: eaDocx creates all hyperlinks however only few of them links to proper object, all other links to the first page. It looks like eaDocx doesn’t create all bookmarks.

    Can it be caused by the fact that on the License information window -> Advanced tab there is information License Status = (valid or cancelled). When I try to check license I get an error (see atch.). Do you have problems with that service?

    Thanks and regards,

    Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit
    EA 13 (Build 1310)
    eaDocx full version Corporate single user license

    eaDocX Trace Information

    2017-08-03 12:31:33 – No release messages to show
    2017-08-03 12:31:13 – Preparing to call PHServer at:
    2017-08-03 12:31:13 – Timout value is: 0 mins
    2017-08-03 12:31:13 – Last sucessful call to PHServer was: 2017-08-03 12:30:49
    2017-08-03 12:31:10 – Don’t need to call PHServer- within valid time
    2017-08-03 12:31:10 – Timout value is: 4320 mins
    2017-08-03 12:31:10 – Last sucessful call to PHServer was: 2017-08-03 12:30:49
    2017-08-03 12:31:10 – Full version – using saved key
    2017-08-03 12:31:09 – Getting Main menu
    2017-08-03 12:31:08 – Getting Main menu

    eadocX Support

    The Phone Home error is not related to you issue.
    Sounds like something is happening in Word. Does the user have a full Word installation?
    Will it create any hyperlinks ? Can you create hyperlinks to bookmarks in the document – manually ?


    I do not have administrator privileges so I can’t simply check installation details – looks like full Office 2010.

    I’ve tried on the test project and I see that there is something wrong with World template we are using:
    1. Newnotemplate.docx – using default Word template, all links are OK.
    2. Orgtemplate.docx – using company’s template, only few links works – there is a lack of bookmarks. If I add missing bookmark manually then particular link starts to work.

    About Phone Home error – what is the purpose of checking the license (besides checking new soft ver.). Maybe it is a net/proxy problem in my company – should we fix it or forget about it?

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    eadocX Support

    Forget the Phone Home problem – not related.
    I suggest to investigate the differences between the two templates.


    I don’t see anything fishy in the Word style. It looks rather like a bug in the eaDocx, because few of hyperlinks/bookmarks are created correctly so eaDocx can do this but for some reason, breaks the bookmarks creation.

    Can you/we check why eaDocx doesn’t support this Word style?

    eadocX Support

    Looks like the problem is with your Heading2 definition, which is making everything Upper-case.
    This is confusing eaDocX when it’s making bookmarks, as it’s comparing a lower-case GUID with an upper-case one, and not finding a match.
    Quick fix is to change the heading to use normal text (not ‘all caps’) and I will investigate making a change to eaDocX. This will need some thought, as this is a complicated bit of the code, and this might be a disruptive change.
    Sorry about this

    eadocX Support

    I have put a new version on the website – – which I think fixes the problem. Please can you give it a try?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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