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    Doug Blake

    Hi Ian, I have a new sort of crash problem you need to know about.

    Open a diagram and undock the TAB to lock its window into the right of the main display area so you see the start page on the left and the diagram on the right.

    Open the document that uses this diagram in eaDocX. This will appear in the left half of the screen. I am not sure if this matters but I generated the document.

    Thereafter, I am unable to access any part of the diagram. I cant select elements and I cant close the window. I can still use eaDocX and close it and even open and use another instance of the diagram, but the undocked window is stuck. I cannot even reduce its size by using the control for window partition sizing. The only solution is to close EA, thereby losing any edits you may have made.

    Checked again and it has to be a diagram in the document and its has to be generated.

    DGB Using 10.0.1004 / eaDocX / MSSQL / TFS / Windows7 / IE9

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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