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    Would you please advice my how to correctly apply my won styles to the template in eaDocX?
    I made following activities having finally much bugger fonts than in the source style, namely:

    1. I’ve created a copy of existing style in the considered docx (ea docx template). This was to allow me to see this new style within the following menu: Tools-> Options and Settings ->Inline text settings Overrides to Words Heading Styles ->> Heading 1 style.

    2. Then I have set the new style there as on the attached picture.

    3. Then I have re-generate the file and the result is that the name of section RequirementsAAA uses font 24p while the source style uses 14p (as the name of section “Introduction). The same to the style for heading 2: source style uses 12p while the section “Drugi set of reqs” uses 18p font.

    I use the EA file (not postgreSQL database).

    Would you please advice?

    Szymon P.

    eadocX Support

    Did you make the ‘1 – Introduction’ text use the SP_H style?


    No. My style SP_H was used by “RequirementsAAA”.
    And the SP_H style is just a copy of the source style used by the ‘1 – Introduction’.

    Therefore I’ve expected that both headings will use the same font size – why not?

    eadocX Support

    There’s a feature in Word – I can’t remember where – where it can display the paragraph style which it is using for each paragraph, at the left-hand side of the page – what Style does word think it’s showing ?



    Word shows the same style as defined under docx via eaDocX. So:
    Introduction: “No.Heading1”
    RequirementsAAA: SP_H (while SP_H is a copy of the “No.Heading1”.

    Moreover….replacing the style SP_H by it’s source and MS Word has changed the font size for the chapter number but not for the chapter name… (as on the printscreen)

    Summary: nothing works.

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    eadocX Support

    I’ve just had a play about with these heading level styles, and I can get all kinds of strange effects 🙁
    All that eaDocX is doing when you change the default heading styles is to add a class=YourStyleName to the HTML which we pass to Word.
    Mostly, this seems to work, but Word Paragraph styles are famous for creating strange results in native Word, and more so via their HTML API.
    We were asked by a customer to add this feature, but it’s not one which we see being used by many people – for exactly this reason.
    Sorry, but I can’t be of any more help.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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