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    Volker Honds

    Is it possible to print certain elements in the inline style without using Word heading style?

    In my case I want to print requirements which can appear on every (!) level of the EA / word structure, without having auto-numbering for requirements but still have numbered headings for e.g. chapters / packages. Also the heading information of the requirements should be printed in special Word styles (different colour etc.)
    To give you an example, actually it should simply look like this:

    1. Chapter A1 <-- should be numbered word heading, which I can produce[/i] Introduction text for chapt. 1 ... [b]REQ-001-Alias Requirement-1-Name[/b] [i]<-- should be a special (Word) format, but not a heading[/i] Description text for requirement 001. [i]<-- should be standard format[/i] [b]REQ-002-Alias Requirement-2-Name[/b] Description text for requirement 002. [b]1.1 Chaper A1.1[/b] Description text for chapter 1.1 [b]REQ-003-Alias Requirement-3-Name[/b] Description text for requirement 003. ... I tried to layout this also without entering heading information in the profile dialog and rebuild alias and name information with a (horizontal) inline table, but the I got ugly empty table rows as result. I also thought about the scripting feature, but unfortunally scripting is not enabled in the EA Professional Edition. Do you have any idea or hint how to achive that kind of layout?

    eadocX Support

    If your Requirement elements are of the same stereotype the you could write a little script to output some raw HTML, which eaDocX will include.
    You can even make it use your chosen style e.g:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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