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    Stephen Hunger

    I need to remove EADocx 4.1.4 so I can install but the eaDocXexamples folder has been set to readonly by my organisations policy. I cannot change that.

    Is there a registry key or soemthing I can change to update the folder to another location ?

    In that way I can have the eaDocXexamples folder that is writeable by me.

    I get the error

    Unable to write to the specified folder


    eadocX Support

    As of V5 (and maybe before) you get to choose the location of the Examples folder at install time. And the default location is your ‘myDocuments’ folder eaDocXExamples.
    Is this stopping you from re-installing eaDocX, or preventing access to the examples? If the latter, then I can put the example content onto the website for you.
    Also, a lot of the content of the ‘examples’ folder is redundant, for example, the example Profiles – much easier to use Quick Document, and get eaDocX to create Profiles based how you’re actually doing your modelling, rather than how we think you might be doing it.

    Stephen Hunger

    Hi there,

    To de-install 4.1.4 the eaDocXExamples folder needs to be writeable if it isn’t writeable then the de-installation rolls back.

    I tried removing the folder and the de-installation had an exception error and rolled back also.

    I found but creating a new empty folder the de-installation completed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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