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    simon davis

    Attempting to install to W2008R2.

    No help provided on dialogue to assist in diagnosis.
    No messages in Windows log.

    Any ideas?

    eadocX Support

    I think we need a few more clues here!
    What OS are you installing on? What Service packs? Has it ever run on this platform before. If yes, what changed which may have caused the error?
    Is it being installed with admin rights?
    Is this error generated at install time, or at startup time?

    simon davis

    Ah, yes, there might be more clues if the error message was meaningful, or there were messages in the windows event log

    In answer to the questions:
    That would be W2008R2, fully patched
    install by user with full admin rights,
    we just bought the product, so we have never run it before,
    this is the very first time we have attempted to install it.

    I also submitted a service request on this (but no response yet).
    As noted above we are trying to install it.


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    eadocX Support

    Have you tried installing this on another platform? (you’ll need to create a new LSA, as they are IP-Address sensitive). This is just to isolate this to a security/permissions problem, which I’m sure is where the issue lies.
    There are no detailed diagnostics because we buy-in this crypto system, and there are no tracing options which we have found. We’ve not needed any before, as this LSA is a really simple application with (usually) not much to go wrong! Where we see issues with eaDocX floating licences it’s usually do do with connectivity from client to server, not with installing the LSA application in the first place.
    Beyond this, I don’t quite know what to suggest….

    simon davis

    This appears to be because the install was attempted off a network drive. How bad is that.
    We are now attempting to install off a local drive.
    I’ll keep you posted.

    eadocX Support

    Just so I understand this (so I can put it in the instructions for the LSA install) – you downloaded the LSA application to a network drive, then just ran the installer from there to install it onto the target machine ?
    Weird stuff.

    simon davis

    Yes, apparently the SysAdmin had to install it of a local (to the server) drive.

    Unfortunately the client cannot see the server.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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