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    We have worked fine with eaDocX until last week the license server did not give any licenses anymore. None of my colleagues could use eaDocX anymore. We have let the license server restarted, but this did not solve the problem. Also at our workstations nothing was changed. As far we could check also the network was not changed. Via the browser we can check the license server. It responses with 0 licenses activated of 4 (See attachment).
    The license server is on a virtual machine (not an option to have the license server on a physical machine). We could not find any log (eventlog on the workstation) or on the server.

    Bottomline: I have no clue why the license server suddenly is unreachable/unavailable.

    We use EA v12.1.1230 and eaDocX v3.9.3.3. I have no clue about the licenseserver except that this was installed more than a year ago.

    Anyone any hints/solutions 🙂 ?

    eadocX Support

    This is a known issue with the eaDocX Licence Server Application: when maintenance is applied to the operating system – we don’t know what maintenance – then it just stops working.
    If you could find out what maintenance was applied to it, that would be helpful.
    There is no fix for this – the vendor from whom we buy the crypto can’t figure out the problem, so we have no chance.
    So, we are gradually phasing-out Floating licences in favour of company-wide licences – I will get one of the team to send you details, and some temporary keys to keep you moving.
    Sorry- this has been our #1 issue for several months, and we have had no success in finding an answer.
    One of the team will be in contact with you very shortly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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