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    Doug Vrooman

    In our Sparx models we routinely use packages for document sections, where the content is frequently copied directly from Word.

    Ordinarily the package notes field is adequate, but a new Word source document has several levels of numbered indented paragraphs, so I have added a Linked Document in one of the child packages in the second parent package (Ctl-Alt-D). All of the original formatting is preserved.

    When I add the LinkedDocument attribute to the Package profile, I do not get the Linked Document content. Instead I get repeated sections in my document that correspond to the names of child packages in the prior parent package.

    I also tried created a class subtype in Model Guardian and then add a Linked Document (same text) to this element and add the LinkedDocument attribute to this element profile in eaDocX. Same results, no document, repeated package names.

    All suggestion welcome.

    Thanks Everyone,


    eadocX Support

    Which eaDocX version?

    Doug Vrooman

    Sparx EA 12.1
    Model Guardian 5.03

    eadocX Support

    Always best to upgrade to the latest version. Then try again.

    Doug Vrooman

    It now works as expected.

    I upgraded to version

    Initially this resolved the problem of repeated package names, but did not include the linked documents.

    I didn’t mention in my OP that we use MS SharePoint / Groove as a common repository for the team.

    I discovered that when I generate a document from my local drive instead of the shared drive it works perfectly. We’ve found some products are sensitive to using MS SharePoint / Groove.

    Thanks Terry.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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