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    Ken Norcross

    I am not able to get Linked Document content to appear in my generated documents, so I tried the simplest test case:

    – new empty document

    – add profile for Class
    – set Heading Title as Name
    – add one standard attribute, LinkedDocument

    – add a new section with current selection
    – current selection is a Class Element in the sparx tree
    – this Class element has a name and a linked document with some simple text

    – generate full document

    The only output is the class name.

    I am using version

    (my true use case is to use linked documents to store screen shots of gui prototypes, and to include these images in a generated document)

    eadocX Support

    I’ve tried to reproduce this, following your steps from above, but can’t seem to break it.
    Can you email the eaDocX XML profile to me, and I’ll have a look.
    Not we generally recommend it, but if you want to look at the Profile, the bit which deals with the Class should look something like:

    Ken Norcross

    OK I see what is happening.

    For a new document, when you generate you get presented with a save file dialog.

    If I hit cancel, the linked document is not present in the output.

    If I then do “file save as…”, and regenerate, then the linked document content is there.

    Another scenario I tried is a new document, when presented with the save dialog, save to a file.

    The first run, there is no linked document content, but regenerate again and the linked document content is there.

    So I am having success, but there is just something funny about the very first time, and if you never save the document you never see the linked document content.

    Ken Norcross

    I also checke the profile xml, and I see the two statements you provided as an example.

    eadocX Support

    I Agree – that’s very strange. I’ll have a closer look.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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