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    Hi there,
    On another note, I am receiving an error from EA Doc X

    I have used the problem trace to capture what is happening.

    I copied the folder and files as directed.
    I selected C:Program Files (x86)eaDocX
    I browsed to C:Program Files and copied the eaDocX folder

    Some good feedback: I like the built in problem tracer and logger functionality. Really intuitive and helpful to use.

    The strange thing is, EA Doc X is working from what I can see. Because of the error I am cautious and wondering what file it is looking for, and whether I need to be concerned.

    My workstation configuration:
    Windows 7 enterprise SP1 – 64 bit

    Normally I don’t have admin rights, but my support team bumped up my permission temporarily so that I could copy the folder as suggested in the EA doc x pop up window.

    Please let me know what / if anything further should be done. I will document the issue with the EA community here so that our install team can update their instructions for windows 7 64 bit installations.
    Thank you,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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