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    Juraj Bezdek

    is there any way to suppress printing elements without any relationship with source/target?
    I haw quite big relationship matrix (because there are lot of elements in source and target as well)…but only some of them has relationship.
    I’d like to print only those elements, which has any relationsip (of selected type and optionaly stereotype…)

    I tried to filter them, but I could not find any filter atribute as “has relationship of defined type to target” … 🙂

    and also I dont see an option to “diagram only report”… I need to print all diagrams from some package, whithout printing elements it-self´…
    I tried to change activity element profile (i have only activities in that package) to print only diagrams, but I didnt get what I want… obviously -> eaDocx printed header of all elements… (I needed only those with diagram)

    eadocX Support

    I’m about to start doing some changes to the relationship matrix (due to some up-coming changes in EA) so I’ll add this to the list – sounds like a very sensible requirement 🙂

    As for the diagram-only report, how would you want this to work? Search for elements of type ‘diagram’ (not really elements, but you get the idea I think), according to some criteria ? I’ll think about this – more complicated than the first requirement… If you think you know exactly what you want, then send me some more details about where you’d expect this extra function to be shown.


    Juraj Bezdek

    What I need is an option to “extract” diagrams from model. For me is filtering only by defining root package sufficient.
    My case is following:
    I have one main BPMN diagram. There are few activities. Many of them are “composite” – it means they have diagrams. (In EA, when you double click on them, they opens).

    In fact, I don’t want to print details of any activity… all importat informations are included in diagram.

    … I can also imagine a case, when some activity has some notes. This can by the case when I want to print details of the activity.

    … so I think that the best way to cover those scenarios is to add “an switch” for profile of an element, that:
    “you don’t wan’t to print the element at all, if you dont have anything to say about it”
    … I meen that :
    If is empty
    then dont print this element at all

    than I could set profile only with diagrams in summary, and switch this option on.
    In case I need to print Notes for those elements, I’ll add it into summary as an attribut.

    But this is the most complex way how to do this:)
    I thik that simply an diagram report option could be nice feature as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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