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    Stephen J Milton

    I have downloaded the 30 day trial to evaluate for The National Archives and so far I am not having much luck.
    I have created a quick document and added a new section which I called “Parameter Section”.
    I have modified the table layout of the Parameter Element.
    How do I get this to add to the document in the newly created Parameter Section?
    Many Thanks

    Stephen J Milton

    I received the following reply from Jackie Mitchell…

    Thanks for downloading the trial.

    From your description there are two possible reasons…
    1. You created a blank Section which you then named “Parameter Section”– the Preview pane shows amber brackets by the section name if this is the case. To populate it, right click on the Parameters package in your project browser and choose Extensions | eaDocX | Add to document | Quick document | “Parameter Section”.
    2. You Inserted a “Section – with current selection” whilst a package that doesn’t contain parameter elements was selected in your project browser – the Preview pane shows green brackets in this case. Expand the Section in the Preview pane to confirm the contents included. If this is what happened and you want to change the contents of the Section, right click on the Section name (in the Preview pane) and choose Delete | definition of section. To populate it with correct content, follow the steps described above.

    Hope this helps.
    Best regards
    Jackie Mitchell
    eaDocX support team

    Stephen J Milton

    To which I replied…

    Hi Jackie

    Thank you for your prompt reply

    You are correct with #1, however I do not have a package called Parameter. The parameters I am trying to report on are the Parameter fields, under Properties on a number of Business Processes (see snap shot below).

    Unable to ad snapshot but it shows the Parameter details within the Properties details of a BusinessProcess.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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