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    A standard document have the following:
    – some text to describe your sections
    – the data you want to reuse: = your Diagrams with their elements and description (Diagram content)
    = the elements in a Package with their description, etc.

    I would like to have a Package for each different Document I want to create with the relevant document text. And then drag the content diagrams and elements into eaDocX in the right place. See ‘Project Browser’ attached file.

    So this is the process I would like to folow:
    The packages in the ‘Doc1’ folder contains my document text in the notes (description). I would now like to add my diagrams in between in the right place as displayed in the second attached file ‘Desired result’. The reason for this approach is to allow a user to have different documents text (in a package) and reuse the data (diagrams) over and over in each of these documents.

    Is there a way to achieve this? Reusing a diagram from one package in several other documents (other packages)? I know you cannot have one section inside another so I am looking for an alternative approach or methodology that I am missing…. I did look the help files for ‘Related Elements’ and ‘Structuring your document’ but none of them really solves my problem of using unique diagrams in different documents (packages).

    Thank you!!

    eadocX Support

    There is an eaDocX feature called Auto Templates, which does some of what I think you want. Have a look in the help. It’s probably not as sophisticated as what you need, but it might get you part-way there.


    I looked at Auto Templates. What I want to do is different in the sense that my content for my documents are captured in the EA Model as Package descriptions.

    eadocX Support

    Sorry – eaDocX can’t really help you with that.
    You only chance might be with an eaDocX script, but that involves programming 🙁

    Phillip Khaiat

    Have you tried using the UMLDiagram elements in EA to show the same diagram in multiple packages? The elements are hyperlinks to a single diagram image, so that you end up with a single diagram copied to multiple packages in your repository. You create them by dragging a diagram from the project browser onto a diagram window, and selecting the “Diagram Frame” option.
    Sounds like that might do what you want.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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