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    Is there any roadmap for EADocx?
    It would be interesting to know when and will be updated/relesed in the future.

    It will also make us help choosing between 1/2/3 year support.

    eadocX Support

    The current detailed roadmap alternatives for 1H2013 (eaDocX v3.3) are already on the website: please add your your vote to the immediate ‘what next’.
    As for items beyond that, like all good software builders, we’ll be guided by the market.
    A few things which we know we have to do are support the new Office 2013 product, which Microsoft should make generally available in 1Q 2013. We are already looking at early release versions.
    Beyond that, it’s hard to say in detail.
    eaDocX is being used in more & more places, and in some ways we didn’t expect, which are leading us to think about developments which were never in the original plan. Also, we need to respond to changes which are made by Sparx in EA, and they never disclose ANYTHING about what they are going to do next.
    I’d be surprised if in 3 years we don’t have some kind of ‘cloud’ support, though that is highly dependent on what Sparx do in this area. We also have plans to make more of the ‘HTML Generator’ which we plan for V3.3, which might (though this is not a commitment) include editable documents, which is what customers are already asking for. We’re also thinking about how to make it easier to maintain the quality of your EA models, using some of the same ideas which are already in eaDocX (monitoring the meta-model).
    Bottom line is that we have a development team for whom we have funding for the next 12 months, and who we still plan to be employing in 3 years time: what they will be doing is less clear.
    Sorry I can’t be clearer, but this is a fast-changing market, and we plan to change with it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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