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    Philip Bailey

    OS – Windows 8
    Office – 2013 Professional (no other versions installed or have been installed in the past)
    EA – 10.0.1006
    EADOCX – latest version (downloaded it yesterday)

    When i try to do anything in EADocx (create a quick document, a new document or open an existing one) the program chugs along for a few seconds and then the server busy modal dialog pops up that stops me from doing anything.

    I searched the forums and tried what was suggested but no joy. If I hit retry about 20 times it will eventually load Word 2013 into the EA window and it all works, but it is not exactly the best user experience.

    Any suggestions / more information you need to investigate?


    eadocX Support

    Not the user experience we had in mind….
    We do limited testing with Windows 8 at the moment, as we have very few users.
    My suspicion is that this comes from the PhoneHome function, which is checking with for any product updates. Once this has come back ok, it won’t check again for a few days.
    Is this repeatable?

    Dana Johnson


    this occurs every time a generate document command is run

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    Jeff Parkhouse


    If it helps (!!) I am getting the same message but I am Windows XP – maybe not an o/s problem, or a completly different problem giving the same result?


    eadocX Support

    If you just select ‘Continue’ eaDocX usually just carries right on working.
    This is caused by Windows ‘helping’, by spotting that Word & eaDocX have been working away for too long, and might have a problem. So it asks you if everything is OK. There is no known cure to this issue, which is widely documented on the interweb. We’d LOVE to get rid of it, but all attempts over several years have failed. Looks like Windows * is trying even harder to be helpful!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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