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    Ken Norcross

    I am creating a report for a package of Use Cases. We use a mixture of Structured Scenarios, and what I will call Simple Scenarios.

    For the Simple Scenarios, we place text in the Description field/tab in the Scenario editor.

    In the report I have it set to print Description for Scenario, and to also print the Child Element Scenario Steps.

    Our convention is to have only one or the other in the model, either use the Description field for a simple scenario, or use the Structured Scenario Steps for a non-simple scenario.

    The problem is that when the report prints a Use Case with a Structured Scenario with steps, it also prints the exact same steps as text within the Description area.

    So the scenario steps print twice, once as text (with step numbers)in the Description area even though the field in the model is empty, and then again structured scenario steps in a table.

    If the Use Case only has text in the Description field, eveything is fine, we only get the text we put there, but if the Use Case has no Description text in the model, and does have a Structured Scenario, we get the scenario steps printed twice, once as text in the Description area, and once as a table of scenario steps.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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