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    Ken Norcross


    We have been using the “Uses” column of a structured scenario to store two kinds of information.

    One kind of information is links to other elements in the model such as business rules or gui descriptions, etc. This enables us to link to the other elements at the step level. These links are created using the sparx menus that allow you to create a relationship between the step and another element in the model.

    The second kind of information we have been placing in the “Uses” column is free text that further comments on the scenario step. This is just plain text stored in the scenario.

    When reporting on structured scenarios, we have the choice of an attribute called “Linked Elements” or an attribute called “Uses”

    “Uses” print all of the text stored in Sparx, but it does not reproduce the hyperlinks to the linked elements that are present in the “Uses” column in sparx.

    “Linked Elements” correctly prints hyperlinks to the linked elements, but does not reproduce the free text.

    What I would ideally like to have is to print the “Uses” column with all of the free text and with the proper hyperlinks to match what is in Sparx.

    The “Linked Elements” attribute seems to go beyond what is linked in the “Uses” column. I am only interested in the “Uses” column, and preserving the links that are defined there in the output.

    (I hope this makes sense)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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