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    When using eaXL I can export tagged values of type memo just fine and the memo contents appear as expected in the workbook

    However, if I change the contents of a memo tagged value or create a new requirement, then in the case of a modification, the contents are not changed upon import, and in the case of a new requirement nothing is imported into the memo tagged value

    Please advise

    Adrian Support

    Hi Phil,

    Just checked and all works fine for me on export, updates and additions when outputting from a package (package tree) / diagram. However I did note that if you do the update/input for a single element then this may not be the case.

    Can you confirm if you are outputting using “Open in Excel” or the “Open ALL in Excel” / “Open in Excel | Element”?

    FYI: there have been no changes in this area for a while so can’t imagine it’s anything to do with versions.


    Thanks for your reply

    I have some digging, and discovered a bug in EA and eaDocX works fine as you have said

    Just for information the bug is

    Create a Requirement in EA with tagged values of type Memo
    Populate with data
    Export to CSV using EA and its CSV specification
    Open in Excel and add some more requirements including the Memo tagged value
    Import back in EA and all looks fine, the memo is populated and shows the familiar * and all data is there.

    BUT when put in eaDocX no data for the memo field!

    What happens is the Value of the tagged value is null string instead of , I fixed this with a simple Script in EA. The only other way is open the memo note and resave it.

    Using eaDocX only works fine of course

    All the best

    Ian Aitchison


    I seem to be having exactly the same issue that was raised by Phil.

    I can export a TV of type using eadocx xl, but when I try to pull the TV back in to the model it will not import the text into the memo field (it remains unchanged)

    However, as the screen shot attached shows the ‘text’ field in the EA diagram shows the updated text, but this is not present in the ‘Tagged value note’. If you then ‘OK’ the ‘Tagged value note’ the model is updated and the updated text is removed.

    Please could you advise?

    Thank you

    • This reply was modified 7 years, 2 months ago by Ian Aitchison. Reason: add screen shot of issue
    eadocX Support

    The challenge here is one that’s created by EA.
    All EA attributes- normal and tagged values, have a single ‘value’. So you specify what you want to print, eaDocX fetches the value, and prints it.
    APART FROM tagged values, which have their ‘value’ in 2 possible places:
    – their normal value
    – or their ‘notes’ field, if their value =
    There is a nasty fix in eaDocX which can READ the value of a TV, and, if it value=

    Ian Aitchison

    Could you not interrogate the ‘value’ field and if it contains put the text into the notes field? The current solution is actually overwriting fields it should not – and looking in our database now we have a significant issue to put it right again, as every requirement TV has the ‘notes’ field duplicated into the ‘value’ field. (there are several thousand of these!)

    eadocX Support

    Ah – I hadn’t appreciate that this might mess-up your model. I will investigate right now.

    eadocX Support

    Fixed in

    Ian Aitchison

    Thank you for the quick update – I have tested and it works as expected.

    There is a scenario where this update does not work, but this can be worked around if you are aware of it:

    When a new model element with a tag value (TV) of type ‘memo’ is created the TV.Value and TV.Notes fields are both empty.

    EA only adds the ‘‘ to TV.Value once the field has been manually accessed and saved (even if no text is added to the TV.Notes).

    If the new model element is created and exported by EADOCX, new values are added to the memo TV and then imported back to the model the text will inserted into the TV.Value – this text will then be lost if you manually access the TV in EA.

    The fix for this is to populate the TV.Value with the ‘‘ text before exporting by EADOCX – I do not think there is anything EADOCX can do about this as there is no method to know which TV is supposed to be a memo type until this has been done by EA.

    eadocX Support

    Thanks for that. I wonder if this is another case where EA creates new things in a slightly unexpected state.
    Not sure if this helps, but eaDocX/XL will automatically create a /Notes type tagged value whenever the length of the TV.value > 255. S would padding your values with blanks to always be >255 chars help at all?

    Guillaume Finance

    I think it would make sense in the columns tab to export the tag value and/or memo so eaDocX will know what to write when import the info back.
    Furthermore I have tags where I write both the value and the memo (which is still available for non memo tags).
    Could it be planned for a future release?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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