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    Peter Karouzos


    I’m working at a large organisation that has a large model and a large number of documents. The organisation uses sharepoint to manage the documents. check in and check out functionality for editing documents.

    I can see how eadocx would help as the documents contain a large amount of information that is not captured in the model.

    Is it possible to use sharepoint as the physical repository for the documents generated eaDocx?

    eadocX Support

    Not sure – my SharePoint knowledge just isn’t up to it….
    When eaDocX saves a file, its just regular Word or Excel file on a drive. Can SharePoint be made to look like a drive ? Like GoogleDrive can ?
    Support for SharePoint users is something we’re thinking about for a future release, so, if you had a magic wand, what would an eaDocX/SharePoint integration look like?

    Peter Karouzos


    In the Manage document window I specified the URL for a sharepoint document library. The document was created in the library. Unfortunately, when I try to view the document using the View Current version, an error message is shown indicating the document cannot be found. The file path is stored in the EA element. I suspect the code is assuming a file on disk.

    Regarding ideas, I guess you have the concept of repository provider eg local system, share point etc. Each provider would know to format path write and read the document. For example the sharepoint provider would user sharepoint versioning rather than creating separate documents. Then the question will need to be asked if check-in/check-out support is required.

    One thing I have noticed you cannot classify your documents. They all have to under the one package. In our organisation we have different types of document generated from the model. I suppose I’m talking about how to manage large documents numbers.


    eadocX Support

    You’re right – eaDocX assumes that the file is simply stored on a disk, so won’t open it from a URL.
    This is what I mean about needing the change eaDocX to support Sharepoint!
    I have a man who knows SharePoint – I’ll talk to him to see what support we can provide (in a future version, after 3.3)

    As for document classification, this is a good idea.
    What should it look like?
    Is it enough to have a new attribute of ‘Classification’ – probably implemented as TaggedValue of the <>Artifact. (BTW – you could already do this manually..)
    Would a document behave differently, depending on the security classification? Save in a different EA Package in the EA Repository ? Anything else ?

    Peter Karouzos

    I definetly think support for different packages would be usefull. You could right click on the package and choose to create a new document and from the package attributes know what profile to use, where to store the document etc

    The challenge will be not to become a document management system but be able to interface to document management systems organisations have.

    Ken Norcross

    I would also like to vote for Sharepoint support, with checkout/in support.

    I am a new eaDocX user, and I am trying a few things. I do not have eaDocX document management turned on, and I am able to open a Word doc from a Sharepoint location mapped as a drive.

    Word properly shows me a Check-out button in the toolbar, and I am able to click the button, and update the document (inserting eaDocX section, generating content, etc.).

    But when saving the document, I do not get the usual check-in dialogs from Word, and when looking at Sharepoint after closing eaDocX, there is no update in Sharepoint, and the document appears to not have been checked-out.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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