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    Patrick Radomski

    In all of my templates, all of the tables have come out with the vertical alignment being ‘center’.

    This is not something (as far as I know) that can be controlled through fonts and styles – this is controlled on a per table instance.

    Changing the tables in the template and then regenerating doesn’t change it.

    I can not locate a setting to change this inside of EA docX.

    How do I go about changing this?

    eadocX Support

    You’re right – it’s a hard-coded value in eaDocX at the moment.
    If we were to include this as a user-settable option (probably in Options | Tables) then it would apply to all tables in the document, not per-element type.
    Would that do the trick ?

    Patrick Radomski

    Across all tables would be perfect.

    It might be useful for other users to be able to change it between all the different alignment values (centre, bottom, top etc.).

    eadocX Support

    You’ve sent me into a dark place: Word Table Styles. There be dragons.
    It seems that there is an ‘interesting’, though largely deterministic, interaction between the table settings which eaDocX is allowed to specify(via the HTML into Word interrace we use) and the Word Table Settings which may already exist in your Word document.
    What I’m going to try out is removing some settings which we currently allow you to change in eaDocX (colours, borders etc) and allow you to change those only in Word – these are the ones which DO work in Word.
    BUT, keep some of the options which DON’T work in Word (border collapse, vertical alignment) in eaDocX, and force Word to do what we want.
    Would you be able to do quick beta test of this for me, once there is a 2.3 Beta?
    Also, which Word version are you using – 2010 would be useful, as most of my test VMs are 2007.

    Patrick Radomski


    I’m happy to Beta test.

    I am running 2010 on windows 7.


    Heather Wallace

    Has this progressed at all? I also find it problematic to have to manually align table content in the finished document.

    eadocX Support

    We have looked at this a lot for v3.3, and I hope you’ll be happy with the result.
    You can now choose a Word Table Style for any element or stereotype of element. The vertical alignment can then be set in each Word Table Style, and for any/all columns or rows. This is way more control than we could get using eaDocX settings, so we hope will give you all the options you need.
    Remember there is still a restriction (from Microsoft) that Word Table Style names cannot contain spaces, or diacritic characters, and be used by eaDocX.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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