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Free with eaTeamWorks

Some of the features of eaTeamWorks are free for life. Because they should be available to everyone.

The eaTeamWorks installer includes these free features PLUS free 30-day trials of eaDocX and the ea Revision Manager extension, Model Expert, eaSheets and Portfolio Manager. So all the features are just a click away.

Full feature list

Free eaDocX features

Generate quick documents from model packages or diagrams with a single click.

Ready formatted using your normal Word styles and automatically populated with your content.

(If you want to edit the profiles and save the documents just how you like them, then just start a free 30-day trial)

Model Expert

Find out what’s really happening in your model with the package dashboard view: what element and connector types and stereotypes are there? what diagrams? who is creating them?

Or discover your model structure with a meta model snapshot and spot the mistakes.

(If you want to simply find and fix the errors, or work with reference models, then just start a free 30-day trial)

Free eaSheets features

Open packages or diagrams in a spreadsheet to see all the elements and their contents – a quick check will show you what’s missing, or data that doesn’t look quite right.

(If you want to include the connected elements in the spreadsheet too, or edit and save the changes back into EA, just start a free 30-day trial)

Compare licence prices

Choose the licence that’s right for you and your team


Download a free trial

Download eaTeamWorks today for several free for life features, plus no obligation, 30-day trials of all the products: eaDocX, ea Revision Manager, eaSheets, Model Expert and PortfolioManager. Discover for yourself why we sell the world’s best-selling Enterprise Architect extension.