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Features of eaTeamWorks

The Complete SparxEA Collection

Free Features

Free for Life tools from eaTeamWorks

No need to buy a licence - just install eaTeamWorks for unlimited use of these great tools for EA modelers

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Quickly Transform your Sparx EA Model into a Word Doc

Just 2 clicks to a smart document

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View EA in eaSheets

eaSheets makes it easy to open your EA data in a spreadsheet.

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View your Package Meta-Model

See the Element and Connector types in your model - view your model as a Class diagram

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View your Package Dashboard

A single page graphical view of what's in your model

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Licensed Products

What's in eaSheets?

Use the power of spreadsheets to expand the potential of your EA model

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What's in Portfolio Manager?

Real-time multi-project collaboration for Sparx Enterprise Architect

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What's in Model Expert?

Discover the structure and content of your model, resolve errors, and provide real-time guidance to modelers

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What's in eaDocX?

The best selling EA extension - creating smarter documents faster from your Sparx models

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What's in Revision Manager?

Streamlining model updates direct from document reviews

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The Essential Toolkit for everyone serious about modeling


eaTeamWorks can make you a more effective, more profitable consultant. We know this: we're consultants too.

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Spend your time solving business problems, not fixing your model.

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Model Managers

Understand your model structure, streamline model governance, and support collborative modeling across projects.

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Project Managers

eaTeamWorks helps you use the information in EA to deliver better projects.

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Choose the licence that’s right for you and your team


Download a free trial

Download eaTeamWorks today for several free for life features, plus no obligation, 30-day trials of all the products: eaDocX, ea Revision Manager, eaSheets, Model Expert and PortfolioManager. Discover for yourself why we sell the world’s best-selling Enterprise Architect extension.