Inline Element Summary

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Inline Element Summary

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The Summary section at the bottom of the Inline Formatting page shows what attributes will print, and in what order. But it also allows you to specify more formatting options:

The list shows:

The title of the attribute. This will appear in bold followed by ":"

The source attribute in EA

Whether the attribute will print as part of an inline table.

Checking the Inline Table option for some attributes makes the summary look like:

In this case, we're printing:

The Description (notes) for the Actor, but with no title

The Author, Created date and Priority as a single horizontal inline table

A line break, with a sub-title

A vertical inline table with the Parent Ref, Phase & Complexity.

This would print like:

1.2.3 My Actor

This is the description for My Actor







Other Data

Parent Ref

Actor group 42







Toolbar - options

 upGreenArrowMove selected attribute up

 downGreenArrowMove selected attribute down

 Show properties of the attribute, if attribute is Relationship attribute, Relationship table or Relationship element.

 Show Conditional Formatting for attribute

 Add an extra line, optionally with a title

 Add a page break. Best used as the last item in the list. Regardless of the word style being used, this will insert a page break

 Use Column Presets - where attribute is printed in an inline table

 Specify Sorting

 Delete attribute