Customized Help

Real time in-tool support based on your organisations standards

When modelling in a managed package, EA users are given help to make sure their work complies with the standards defined in a reference model or diagram. Help can also be provided to modellers who are checking their work against a reference model – even if they are not working in a managed package.

There are various types of help available.

Links to existing knowledge

If you have an existing knowledge base which is available to your modellers, located on your intranet you can set Help URL’s that link to that.

A link can be set for a whole reference model, plus individual Help URLs can also be defined for individual validation rules.

Using this type of Help can provide a quick way to give detailed information about the context for your model standards and other useful links.

Dynamically generated Help

You can also include inline customized Help, saved in your model.

When modellers are working in guided mode the relevant help message is then dynamically generated and provided just when the modeller needs it.

Pop-up help like this can also include links to best practice examples which are stored in your EA model.

You can also create your own 'hover over' tips for tailored element user interfaces

And of course when in guided mode, Model Expert helps modellers by only giving them valid choices for elements and connectors, based on the reference model standard they are using.

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