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Tailored User Interface

Let your modellers focus on the attributes and TVs that matter

When you set packages to ‘managed‘, with a defined set of specific element types allowed, Model Expert lets you create tailored properties windows for any of those elements. In that way you can make it obvious to your modellers which information is needed and which they can ignore amongst the many different EA properties.

Additionally, if there are a limited number of valid choices, you can set up the UI to offer modellers only those valid options, by creating drop-down menus. Where needed, you can also write pop-up help to make it easier how to choose between them.

Within a tailored UI you can also set some fields as ‘required’.

That makes sure that essential information is captured, to avoid incomplete models.

Obviously this feature needs to be used with care, as if information is required but unknown to the modeller, they may add random gobbledigook just so they can carry on modelling.

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