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How can I spend less time on boring EA model admin?

Do you spend too much time managing updates, backups, servers and licences, when you should instead be working on your models? Understanding complex systems, creating innovative solutions, delivering real business insights?

In the beginning...

At the start it was great being the EA go-to-guy/girl.

You managed to get a server and a database, and the firewalls opened, installed EA and a licence on your machine and started modelling. You were creative, you had insights, your productivity increased. As others joined the EA revolution so you helped them with installation and licences too. You chose the MDGs that your model needed, and you helped to get them adopted by everyone. You shared your experience, becoming the team guru.

Everything was great. Everyone was enthused. The model got bigger and better. Yes there was some admin to do: testing and installing software updates; reallocating licences and user access permissions; onboarding new users. But EA was now the success story you always hoped it would be.

Success breeds...

Good news! That’s what you had been pushing for all along. But that meant even more admin for you to do.

  • You bought more licences and installed a new MDG for the new modellers.
  • After that your original server started to struggle, so you had to raise a requisition for a new db server in a different location.
  • And you had to set up new sandbox repositories for the new teams to play in before you let them loose on the live model.
  • And then there was the testing and roll out of new EA releases.
  • And…

Pretty soon you realised that you spent a large amount of your time doing EA admin for the team, when you were actually being paid to be an architect/business analyst/six sigma black belt. You need to find a way to get back to your real job.

If I could show you a way

With a hosted EA environment, you can outsource all the tedious admin, saving on system administration costs. The experts at Sparx in the Cloud will manage the hosting, the configuration, upgrades, licences, backups, and monitoring. And let you get back to modelling. With controlled web access for you, your team, and your business stakeholders.

We’ll use the Sparx EA licenses you already own and migrate your existing on-premise Sparx repository and existing business knowledge into a secure, cloud-hosted EA repository using AWS, the world leader in Cloud Computing Services. Choose the AWS cloud region based on your location. Or if you already have a cloud hosting provider, we can setup and manage all the software and databases in your existing cloud environment.

As well as that, we can provide EA support through our team of Experts in the Cloud. Providing best practice modelling and EA advice whenever your team needs it.

Performance? Security? Whatever your questions we’ve got them covered. Why not try EA in the Cloud and see for yourself?

The fastest way to get your team up and running on a shared Sparx EA Repository, the simplest solution for EA administration, and the best way to support virtual teams and remote workers. Sparx in the Cloud.

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