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My EA team needs a more agile way to work

Organisations are changing, faster, more often, and with bigger impacts. EA users are key enablers.

Expanding your team - today

Thick-client applications make it hard to be truly agile. To get a new team working and productive with Sparx EA, there is a small mountain of tasks.

First you need to install it on each user’s desktop. If you’re in the same part of the organisation, that’s OK – your desktop support team already know about EA. If not, be prepared to wait until they get happy with it.

Then the team will might need their own repository, if only to use as a sandbox. So that means a new database to create and configure. And maybe some network infrastructure changes to allow them to connect.

Cloud environment...

There is a better way. Put not only your EA environment into the cloud, but your support as well.

If your EA environment is all in the cloud, making it available to a new team is just an email away. Our team of experts will create a technical environment for them, with access to all the right repositories, and with all your favourite add-ins and MDGs installed.

We’ll even create a sandbox repository for them to use, as well as their own area of your production repository. And we’ll setup the security, so they can only edit what you need them to edit.

And everything will be available to them from their favourite web browser – no more desktop installations.

..and Cloud-based support

Getting access to EA and the model is only the start. Now your team have a piece of software they have no idea how to use. This is when your email really starts to fill-up. Who else will train and support them until they get productive? That’s where Sparx Experts in the Cloud can help.

Once they have access to everything, we can teach your team what they need to do next. This can be how your local standards work, how to use the modelling language you’ve chosen, and how to find their way around EA.

And we’ll then be available as mentors as they start using EA, for all those annoying questions which might stop them from being productive. Our team can run weekly ‘drop-in’ clinics, where they answer questions in real-time, and even do an informal webinar – just for your team.

We call this ‘Experts in the Cloud’ because we give you access to the best EA talent, when and how you need it, for as long as it takes for everyone to get maximum value from using EA.

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