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The eaTeamWorks product philosophy

The eaTeamWorks product philosophy is simple - and it's all about you, the modeler. Reducing barriers to quality, improving productivity and delivering value for money.

1 - Modeling, not scripting

Our aim is to make it easy for every EA modeler to do what they do best – analyze and understand business problems and solutions, and model them.

EA provides lots of ways to do modeling, but if you need something very specific that isn’t provided as standard then EA lets you program any extra bits you need. Yes, some modelers may have experience of scripting, or knowledge of the database structure to write SQL queries. But not everyone does.

So the first eaTeamWorks principle is to make it easy for every modeler to do the tasks they need without having to write programs. We remove the barriers, so everyone can use EA to do exactly the modeling they want.

2 - Any Modeling Language, any Modeling Style

The second design principle is to make sure that whatever modeling language you are using, and whatever style of modeling you prefer, eaTeamWorks will help you.

You don’t need to change the way you model in order to get the maximum benefit from the eaTeamWorks toolset. We help you get the outcomes that you want from your favourite modeling structure, style and language(s).

Giving you maximum benefit with minimum additional work required.

3 - Minimum Infrastructure - Single add-in

The third principle is to deliver the benefits of eaTeamWorks to your team quickly and easily, so you can accelerate your EA modeling productivity.

So our single installer is designed to avoid the problems of

  • slow and difficult IT infrastructure approvals, and
  • painful processes for scheduling installation of individual pieces of new software into the standard package or desktop.

One installer includes all 5 products – each of which is unlocked with it’s own key. So the IT support overhead is kept to a minimum.

4 - Meet Stakeholders where they are

Fourthly, we know that your stakeholders are busy. They have their own priorities. So to get the best quality engagement and input from them, you need to provide what they need, at the time and in the way that they need it.

eaTeamWorks delivers model outputs in familiar formats using familiar software, so that your stakeholders can expend the minimum of effort to get the maximum benefit.

And at the same time, most importantly, you retain control of the model contents, but with minimum effort.

5 - Recognize the EA Context

Fifthly, we know that Sparx Enterprise Architect (and Prolaborate) are not the only tools used in your organization. They are just a part of the IT landscape. Yes, an important part, but they must integrate with many other systems, software and processes.

eaTeamWorks is designed to help make your business run better – giving you confidence that the quality of your models makes knowledge transfer simple and seamless.

6 - Value for Money

And finally – the single user prices for each product are incredible value, starting low and getting lower, with increasing discounts applied as the number of users increases. Plus for all quantities, buy the whole suite and get one product free!

And don’t forget that eaTeamWorks also includes free for life features, delivering value for no cost at all!

And what do these principles mean for each of the eaTeamWorks products?

For eaDocX:

  • they mean providing easy ways to create exactly the document structures and contents your stakeholders want with exactly the formatting they need.
  • everyone can design and build great quality documents that match your company standards – without scripting
  • it’s easy to generate quick documents and customized smart templates for fast document creation and regeneration
  • curated contents can be shared, reviewed and updated using familiar software tools, available immediately to all your stakeholders
  • more

For eaRevisionManager:

  • they mean modelers can save time and effort on document reviews by:
    • viewing all document revisions and comments presented in a single clear UI, collated for ‘in context’ review with the EA source
    • easy to choose from or edit the suggested revisions, and accept with one click
    • avoid gaps, overlaps or inconsistencies in updates by holding all changes pending full review , then
    • commit updates into EA, with a full audit history of documents, reviewers and updates
    • more

For eaSheets:

  • they mean it’s really easy to share, import and edit complex data using just standard spreadsheet functions.
  • anyone can add and edit EA relationship data just using Excel, without needing scripts
  • and apply Model Expert reference models for easy model validation and correction
  • and summaries and trade-off studies are made simple with Smart Tags that combine model structure with quantitative data
  • more

For Model Expert:

  • they mean higher quality models and modeling insights, as
  • modelers can produce a single class diagram showing the complete model (or individual package) structure
  • Model Expert diagrams and dashboards reveal inconsistencies and gaps in model content, and quality KPIs
  • it’s easy to tailor any existing modeling and save, to create reference models and add validation rules
  • model validation is simple with reference models – view outputs as eaSheets, annotated diagrams or violation lists
  • easy on-boarding with real-time guidance based on reference models.
  • auto-generate MDGs, multi-hop relationship matrices and derived relationships
  • more

For Portfolio Manager:

  • they mean modelers are given instant visibility of potential clashes and overlaps between projects, and which modelers are impacted.
  • works with all modeling – so any part of a model, including any element and connector types, can be branched to create new projects.
  • user-friendly notifications and reports are provided inside EA, with real-time feedback before changes are committed.
  • and stakeholder reporting is prioritised, with
    • dependency views,
    • cross model heat maps for programs, projects or element types,
    • element roadmaps and
    • future state models
  • more

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