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Easily Tailor Sparx EA Documents

Using eaDocX

Every document will be perfectly suited to its purpose and audience when you choose the level of detail to include for each type of EA content.

Each element type and stereotype can be individually configured for your document. Add or remove any EA standard attribute and tagged value. And choose the order in which those attributes and TVs appear.

Elements and Element Features

You can print your content in paragraphs or tables, or in a combination of the two (link to new Tables/Paragraphs/In-line Tables article).

Each element type and stereotype has it’s own Profile, in which these settings are stored. Profiles can be created which apply to every type of element in your document, and you can also create them for individual element stereotypes.

Connectors and Connected Elements

eaDocX also lets you show the connections between elements in your model.

When you print any element, you can include standard attributes or TVs of connected elements, as well as attributes of the relationship between them.

Choosing the correct relationship type, stereotype and direction is simple because eaDocX only shows you the ones that appear in your model.

Multi-hop Connections

Not only can you include information about neighbouring elements, eaDocX also lets you add information about those that are several ‘hops’ away from your element. This means your documents can hide or simplify the complexity of your modelling for stakeholders who just don’t need to see it all.

Reveal the full power of your model

Include auto-updated hyperlinks in your document between connected elements. So readers can navigate around the document following those links.


For those who model using Classifiers, eaDocX navigates all links the same way, whether parent/child, Instance Classifier or normal Connector. So all your documents can be tailored to include whatever information and navigation you need.

More features like this

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