Hints, tips, opinions and best practice modeling techniques for EA and eaSheets

Imports, Implications and Insights - EA Global Summit 2023

18 December 2023

The video and transcript from Ian's presentation to the EA Global Summit 2023, describing 3 ways to deliver even more business value from your EA data

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eaSheets Walkthrough

5 October 2023

eaSheets features walkthrough: An introduction to some basic eaSheets features.

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Using Excel to edit and compare EA data

27 September 2023

eaSheets is a fast and effective alternative to the Microsoft Office MDG for Enterprise Architect modelers

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Alternative Integration for Microsoft® Office - Excel Importer

14 September 2023

In this video we show how you can quickly import spreadsheets containing large numbers of elements and connectors from Excel into Enterprise Architect. An easy to use alternative to the EA Model Integration MDG for Microsoft® Office.

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Adding data to an eaSheets 'Smart Sheet'

18 August 2023

Adding data to an eaSheets 'Smart Sheet' make importing data into EA really simple. The Smart Sheet can populate EA fields and tagged values - that's easy - but also connect elements together using the connector types you want.

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Template elements for importing complex data with eaSheets

18 August 2023

A really quick way of importing complex data using eaSheets, and a 'Template Element' to tell the sheet exactly which EA fields, tagged values AND related elements AND how those related elements should be connected.

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Validating Sparx EA data

16 August 2023

Use eaSheets and Model Expert to view, edit and validate your EA data.

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Super fast editing

11 August 2023

eaSheets bring the power of a spreadsheet to the editing of EA data. Keep your models up-to-date and consistent, quickly and easily. We all know that spreadsheets are great at making bulk edits to data, so now you can use one to edit your EA data.

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What's so smart about Smart Tags?

17 May 2023

What are Smart Tags for Sparx Enterprise Architect and what benefits do they deliver for modelers?

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